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Offshore Streaming Dedicated Servers Hosting.

Embrace unparalleled offshore dedicated servers for streaming at HOSTCAY, fortified with robust data security, unwavering reliability, and steadfast privacy protocols. Indulge in premium dedicated hosting services within offshore havens, supported by an unwavering NO DMCA policy, guaranteeing absolute peace of mind.
Brand Cores/Threads RAM Disk Traffic Link DC Price Order
Intel Logo Cores Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 14c/28t@2.00GHz/3.20GHz RAM 32GB DDR4 SSD 2x1TB HDD Bandwidth Unmetered Uplink 1Gbps DC BG EUR / mo*
Intel Logo Cores Intel Xeon E5-2683v4 16c/32t@2.10GHz/3.00GHz RAM 32GB DDR4 SSD 2x1TB HDD Bandwidth Unmetered Uplink 1Gbps DC BG EUR / mo*
Intel Logo Cores 2xIntel Xeon E5-2630v4 12c/24t@2.30GHz/2.80GHz RAM 64GB DDR4 SSD 2x1TB HDD Bandwidth Unmetered Uplink 1Gbps DC BG EUR / mo*
Intel Logo Cores 2xIntel Xeon E5-2695v4 36c/72t@2.10GHz/3.30GHz RAM 64GB DDR4 SSD 2x1TB HDD Bandwidth Unmetered Uplink 1Gbps DC BG EUR / mo*

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Many Operating Systems to choose from

Explore the Variety of Operating Systems Available on our Dedicated Servers. If your preferred OS isn't listed, reach out to us for a potential solution. We're here to assist you!












C. Linux


Unlike many other hosting providers, HOSTCAY proudly welcomes streaming content onto our servers. Not only do we embrace streaming projects, but we also offer comprehensive DDoS protection for our valued customers. Feel free to host your streaming content with confidence, and explore the range of servers below that are tailored for your specific streaming project needs.

Offshore Compare
Feature Description Included
Up to 1 Gbps High-speed connectivity for optimal performance. Yes
Control Panel Easily manage and control your server. Yes
Standard Anti DDoS Protection Defend against DDoS attacks. Yes
Full Root Access Complete administrative control over your server. Yes
99.99% Network Uptime Ensure high availability and reliability. Yes
Management Service Available Expert management service for your server. Yes
Instant Setup and Delivery Quick and seamless setup process. Yes
Dedicated IPv4 Address Exclusive IPv4 address for your server. Yes
First Migration Free Initial migration of your data at no extra cost. Yes
Privacy Ensured Guaranteed protection of your privacy. Yes
Anonymity Operate with anonymity and discretion. Yes
Offshore Location Hosted in an offshore location for added security. Yes
Flexible Content Enjoy flexibility in hosting content. Yes
Anti-Abuse Content Protection Safeguard against abusive content removal. Yes
DMCA Takedown Protection Shield against DMCA takedowns. Yes
Adult & Gambling Friendly Allows adult and gambling content. Yes
Easy Registration No documents needed for identification. Yes
Cryptocurrency Payment Accepts cryptocurrencies for payment. Yes
24/7 Domain Support Round-the-clock assistance for your domains. Yes
Register Domain Initiate the domain registration process. Yes

Secure offshore services

HOSTCAY operates as an offshore hosting provider, strategically located in countries that prioritize freedom of expression. Our data centers span multiple offshore locations. Tailored to align with your distinctive project requirements, our customized services for freedom of speech, free press, and whistleblower support are designed to empower your online ventures, whether you seek DMCA Ignored Hosting or Adult Hosting (as long as it's not malicious), we are adaptable to your needs. Our paramount objective is to establish a secure sanctuary for freedom of speech, independent journalism, and whistleblower endeavors.

At HOSTCAY, we are committed to upholding our principles of safeguarding your privacy. We guarantee that our services will always be provided without the need for any personal information, and we vow never to grant third parties access to your data.

Concerned about the rigid freedom of expression regulations in your country, compelling you to mirror your blog? Worried about potential repercussions for publishing controversial content? With HOSTCAY, you can be confident that we provide autonomy,, unyielding, and adaptable solutions specifically designed to help you amplify your ideas without interference or compromise.

Offshore Hosting Info

Streaming Hosting Dedicated Servers features

HOSTCAY prides itself on a robust network of offshore hosting servers, strategically positioned in pivotal locations. These servers are further reinforced by a dedicated team of onsite technical experts who are available 24/7, ensuring continuous support and assistance. Our core objective is to guarantee the highest level of website performance.

Moreover, our servers harness cutting-edge hardware technology, incorporating resilient SSD storage, the most current processors, and additional advanced features. Whether you're seeking an offshore solution for Streaming dedicated hosting to launch your streaming-oriented venture, we have meticulously bundled all the necessary components, tailored to meet your requirements seamlessly.

Offshore Hosting Support
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24/7 Live Support

Offshore Hosting Network
99.99% Network

Uptime Guarantee!

Offshore Hosting Speed
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Offshore Hosting Refund
72 Hour Money

Back Guarantee

Fast Streaming Dedicated Servers provider

High-Speed and Dependable Offshore Video Streaming Servers by HOSTCAY Experience a comprehensive selection of offshore video streaming servers, equipped with state-of-the-art hardware, courtesy of HOSTCAY. Our servers are meticulously fine-tuned for superior load balancing capabilities and unlimited resources, ensuring a dependable and trustworthy streaming solution. New to this? Fret not! HOSTCAY delivers automated services, allowing you to concentrate on seamless video streaming, while we handle the technical intricacies behind the scenes.

Offshore Hosting Streaming
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Full control of your Streaming Servers

YouTube Streaming If you're a content creator on YouTube seeking potent streaming servers, your search ends here. HOSTCAY offers an ideal solution with our robust servers, ensuring a seamless streaming experience without any buffering.

Game Streaming Elevate your gaming sessions with our dependable servers, enabling uninterrupted streaming for extended periods. Moreover, benefit from unmetered resources for continuous peak performance.

IP TV Unlock the potential of global television access with HOSTCAY's offshore streaming server. Enjoy unrestricted viewing of your country's TV channels from any location, free from limitations or unnecessary hassles. Don't wait any longer – seize the opportunity to relish television content from anywhere in the world!

Offshore Streaming Servers
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Streaming Dedicated Server Hosting

HOSTCAY's Offshore Video Streaming Dedicated Server Hosting, complemented by a DMCA-free approach, pertains to a hosting service that grants you the capability to host video content on servers situated in a jurisdiction where the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) regulations do not apply or are not rigorously upheld. Importantly, it's worth noting that the DMCA is a United States copyright law formulated to provide a framework for addressing copyright infringement online, and its validity may not extend to several other European Union countries which have adopted their own copyright laws.

Within a DMCA-free offshore adult hosting setting, HOSTCAY generally undertakes not to acknowledge DMCA takedown requests and follow local copyright laws in the jurisdiction where the servers are located. This empowers adult content creators and website proprietors to host their material without the concern of potential DMCA-related legal proceedings or requests for content removal.

Offshore Streaming Servers

Our Datacenter locations

Dependable and Robust Offshore Data Center in secure and discreet global locations, adaptable to diverse content and stringent data privacy requirements.
Offshore Hosting Worldmap

Offshore Hosting BG Bulgaria

Located in Bulgaria, our Data Center offers a seamless integration of offshore hosting solutions, supported by the leniency of local laws pertaining to content.

This environment is dedicated to upholding the core principles of freedom of speech with exceptional dedication and commitment.

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Offshore Hosting Seychelles Seychelles

Located in Seychelles, our Data Center offers a secure haven for your content, abiding by local content hosting regulations.

Our commitment to freedom of speech is unwavering, and we prioritize stringent data privacy and security compliance.

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Offshore Hosting RU Russia

Located in Russia, our Data Center offers lenient local content regulations and offshore hosting advantages, supporting freedom of speech.

We handle data privacy intricacies diligently to ensure compliance and security.

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Offshore Hosting NL Netherlands

Located in the Netherlands, our Data Center offers an ideal fusion of offshore hosting solutions that seamlessly uphold the values of freedom of speech.

Spanning connectivity between the Netherlands and Latin America, it delivers a swift and unparalleled hosting solution.

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Offshore Hosting Worldmap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you're interested in hosting streaming content on offshore DMCA-free dedicated servers, we're here to address your questions and provide insights into the benefits of streaming your content in a secure offshore location.

Offshore DMCA-free streaming dedicated servers are hosting solutions that provide a secure environment for hosting and streaming content while disregarding the restrictions of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). These servers are located in offshore jurisdictions that offer enhanced privacy, security, and freedom for streaming your content.
Offshore DMCA-free streaming dedicated servers offer several advantages for streaming content:
  • Complete privacy assurance for your content
  • Unmetered resources
  • Content flexibility
  • Follows local jurisdiction laws
  • Freedom of speech
Offshore DMCA-free streaming dedicated hosting involves selecting a hosting provider that offers streaming dedicated servers in offshore jurisdictions. You choose a server plan suitable for your streaming needs, configure your streaming platform, and start hosting and streaming your content without concerns about DMCA restrictions.
Offshore DMCA-free streaming dedicated servers come with robust security measures, including firewalls, DDoS protection, encryption, and regular security updates. These measures ensure the safety of your streaming content and user data.
While offshore DMCA-free streaming dedicated servers provide more freedom, it's essential to adhere to the legal guidelines and content policies of the jurisdiction where the servers are located. Streaming guidelines adheres to our ToS.
Yes, our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues or inquiries related to your offshore DMCA-free streaming dedicated servers.