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Offshore Windows VPS hosting, with HOSTCAY.

HOSTCAY presents unparalleled blazing-fast, RAID10-protected, and rock-solid SSD windows VPS servers. Our premium offshore hosting solutions include a comprehensive control panel, prioritizing data security, reliability, and privacy. We excel in delivering top-tier hosting services from offshore locations.

Windows VPS V1

Discover anonymity through our offshore windows VPS hosting. Rely on our trustworthy services for a secure online presence. Start your path to online freedom today.

  • Yes 4GB RAM
  • Yes 2 vCPU Intel® Xeon® Gold
  • Yes 40GB NVMe SSD
  • Yes 1 IPv4 & IPv6
  • Yes 20TB Bandwidth (10Gbps)
  • Yes Windows 2016, 2019 & 2022
  • Yes Management - Reboot/Reinstall
  • Yes Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Yes Full Administrator Access
  • Yes Offshore Location

  • Get this package for only
    EUR / mo*

Windows VPS V2

Enhance online security and privacy. Utilize advanced features for offshore windows VPS hosting. Empower your digital presence today.

  • Yes 8GB RAM
  • Yes 4 vCPU Intel® Xeon® Gold
  • Yes 80GB NVMe SSD
  • Yes 1 IPv4 & IPv6
  • Yes 20TB Bandwidth (10Gbps)
  • Yes Windows 2016, 2019 & 2022
  • Yes Management - Reboot/Reinstall
  • Yes Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Yes Full Administrator Access
  • Yes Offshore Location

  • Get this package for only
    EUR / mo*

Windows VPS V3

Experience the power of our Pro windows VPS hosting package, offering increased space, blazing-fast SSDs, and advanced security features. Elevate your website's performance and responsiveness.

  • Yes 16GB RAM
  • Yes 8 vCPU Intel® Xeon® Gold
  • Yes 160GB NVMe SSD
  • Yes 1 IPv4 & IPv6
  • Yes 20TB Bandwidth (10Gbps)
  • Yes Windows 2016, 2019 & 2022
  • Yes Management - Reboot/Reinstall
  • Yes Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Yes Full Administrator Access
  • Yes Offshore Location

  • Get this package for only
    EUR / mo*

*Enjoy instant activation of your hosting services, maintain complete anonymity during registration with just your email and password—no personal data required. Experience heightened confidentiality through anonymous cryptocurrency payments, reassuring you of our unwavering commitment to your security.

Advantages of Offshore Windows VPS Servers

An Offshore Windows VPS Server offers robust security, seamless scalability, and the essential control you require. There are numerous compelling reasons to consider opting for an offshore Windows VPS server.

Offshore Hosting Compare
Feature Description Included
Up to 1 Gbps High-speed connectivity for optimal performance. Yes
Control Panel Easily manage and control your server. Yes
Standard Anti DDoS Protection Defend against DDoS attacks. Yes
Full Root Access Complete administrative control over your server. Yes
99.99% Network Uptime Ensure high availability and reliability. Yes
Management Service Available Expert management service for your server. Yes
Instant Setup and Delivery Quick and seamless setup process. Yes
Dedicated IPv4 Address Exclusive IPv4 address for your server. Yes
First Migration Free Initial migration of your data at no extra cost. Yes
Privacy Ensured Guaranteed protection of your privacy. Yes
Anonymity Operate with anonymity and discretion. Yes
Offshore Location Hosted in an offshore location for added security. Yes
Flexible Content Enjoy flexibility in hosting content. Yes
Anti-Abuse Content Protection Safeguard against abusive content removal. Yes
DMCA Takedown Protection Shield against DMCA takedowns. Yes
Adult & Gambling Friendly Allows adult and gambling content. Yes
Easy Registration No documents needed for identification. Yes
Cryptocurrency Payment Accepts cryptocurrencies for payment. Yes
24/7 Domain Support Round-the-clock assistance for your domains. Yes
Register Domain Initiate the domain registration process. Yes


Swift Setup with Extensive OS Options

HOSTCAY ensures automatic configuration of all SSD virtual servers, enabling you to promptly commence utilizing your SSD VPS once acquired. Our selection encompasses a diverse range of automatic OS installations for our SSD VPS offerings. Should your desired OS not be present in our system, please reach out to us for a potential alternative OS request. We are here to assist you.

VPS Windows
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Take full control of your VPS

The VPS Control Panel we offer is a robust GUI-based system for managing your VPS. With our VPS Panel, you can securely and effortlessly manage your VPS. Perform actions such as restarting your VPS, powering it on or off, changing the root password, resolving issues using the built-in rescue system, reinstalling OS templates, and more. Experience the convenience and security when you choose HOSTCAY's offshore Windows VPS.

Windows VPS

Why Opt for Offshore Windows VPS Servers?

Experience unparalleled flexibility and efficiency with our Offshore SSD Windows VPS solutions. Take advantage of automated VPS deployment for a smooth setup and hassle-free management. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers capabilities akin to a dedicated server, coupled with tailor-made offshore hosting options.

Count on exceptional dependability, even when facing technical adversities. Our advanced Offshore SSD Windows VPS platform guarantees secure data storage and rapid recovery if the need arises.

Craft a hosting solution that suits your budget with HOSTCAY's customizable Offshore Windows VPS offerings. Benefit from integrated security mechanisms that provide robust protection against threats and malicious intruders. Unleash the complete potential of HOSTCAY's Offshore SSD Windows VPS to enjoy a distinctive hosting experience that seamlessly integrates performance, customization, dependability, and top-tier security.

Offshore Hosting Support
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24/7 Live Support

Offshore Hosting Support
99.99% Network

Uptime Guarantee!

Offshore Hosting Support
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Offshore Hosting Support
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Secure offshore services

HOSTCAY operates as an offshore hosting provider, strategically located in countries that prioritize freedom of expression. Our data centers span multiple offshore locations. Tailored to align with your distinctive project requirements, our customized services for freedom of speech, free press, and whistleblower support are designed to empower your online ventures, whether you seek DMCA Ignored Hosting or Adult Hosting (as long as it's not malicious), we are adaptable to your needs. Our paramount objective is to establish a secure sanctuary for freedom of speech, independent journalism, and whistleblower endeavors.

At HOSTCAY, we are committed to upholding our principles of safeguarding your privacy. We guarantee that our services will always be provided without the need for any personal information, and we vow never to grant third parties access to your data.

Concerned about the rigid freedom of expression regulations in your country, compelling you to mirror your blog? Worried about potential repercussions for publishing controversial content? With HOSTCAY, you can be confident that we provide autonomy,, unyielding, and adaptable solutions specifically designed to help you amplify your ideas without interference or compromise.

Offshore Hosting Info

Our Datacenter locations

Dependable and Robust Offshore Data Center in secure and discreet global locations, adaptable to diverse content and stringent data privacy requirements.
Offshore Hosting Worldmap

Offshore Hosting BG Bulgaria

Located in Bulgaria, our Data Center offers a seamless integration of offshore hosting solutions, supported by the leniency of local laws pertaining to content.

This environment is dedicated to upholding the core principles of freedom of speech with exceptional dedication and commitment.

Test IPv4:

Offshore Hosting Seychelles Seychelles

Located in Seychelles, our Data Center offers a secure haven for your content, abiding by local content hosting regulations.

Our commitment to freedom of speech is unwavering, and we prioritize stringent data privacy and security compliance.

Test IPv4:

Offshore Hosting RU Russia

Located in Russia, our Data Center offers lenient local content regulations and offshore hosting advantages, supporting freedom of speech.

We handle data privacy intricacies diligently to ensure compliance and security.

Test IPv4:

Offshore Hosting NL Netherlands

Located in the Netherlands, our Data Center offers an ideal fusion of offshore hosting solutions that seamlessly uphold the values of freedom of speech.

Spanning connectivity between the Netherlands and Latin America, it delivers a swift and unparalleled hosting solution.

Test IPv4:

Offshore Hosting Worldmap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you're considering offshore DMCA-free Windows hosting, we're here to provide answers to your questions and guide you through the benefits and features of hosting your website on a Windows server in a secure offshore location.

An RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) with Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) allows users to remotely access and control a virtualized Windows operating system environment. It provides a dedicated Windows desktop experience over the internet, enabling users to run applications, manage files, and perform tasks as if they were using a physical Windows computer.
Offshore Windows VPS hosting offers several advantages:
  • Complete anonymity and privacy assurance for your personal information, location and activities
  • Unmetered resources
  • Access restricted content in your jurisdiction
  • Follows local jurisdiction laws
  • Fast Speeds & Virtual PC browsing
Offshore DMCA-free Windows hosting works by selecting a hosting provider that offers Windows-based hosting plans in an offshore jurisdiction that respects local regulations. You choose a plan, configure settings, and your website is hosted securely.
Offshore DMCA-free Windows hosting includes robust security measures, including firewalls, encryption, regular security updates, and physical security in the data center to ensure the safety of your data and applications.
Yes, offshore DMCA-free Windows hosting plans typically offer scalability and resource customization options. You can upgrade CPU, RAM, storage, and other resources to meet your specific requirements.
Transferring your existing website to offshore DMCA-free Windows hosting involves backing up your data, configuring the new hosting environment, and migrating your website's content. Our support team can assist you throughout the migration process.
Yes, our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues or inquiries related to your offshore DMCA-free Windows hosting.
We offer a variety of payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies, to facilitate easy and secure payment for your offshore DMCA-free Windows hosting services.