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Offshore DMCA Ignored Web Hosting, with HOSTCAY.

DMCA Ignored for our blazing-fast SSD offshore web hosting at HOSTCAY. Benefit from unmatched speed and RAID10 security for robust performance. Our top-tier offshore shared hosting, backed by cPanel, prioritizes data security, reliability, and privacy, delivering excellence from offshore locations.


Embrace anonymity through our offshore DMCA-Free web hosting. Rely on our reliable services for a Secure online identity. Start your path to digital freedom today.

DMCA Ignored Hosting
  • Yes 5GB SSD Storage
  • Yes 500GB Data Bandwidth
  • Yes Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Yes Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Yes Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Yes Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Yes 5 Email Accounts

  • Order this package for only
    EUR / mo*


Enhance online security and privacy. Leverage advanced features for offshore DMCA ignored web hosting. Take control of your digital presence today.

DMCA Ignored Hosting
  • Yes 25GB SSD Storage
  • Yes 1TB Data Bandwidth
  • Yes Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Yes Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Yes Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Yes Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Yes 10 Email Accounts

  • Order this package for only
    EUR / mo*


Step into boundless offshore no DMCA web hosting. Free yourself with unmatched resources and security. Dominate online with limitless potential.

DMCA Ignored Hosting
  • Yes 50GB SSD Storage
  • Yes 2TB Data Bandwidth
  • Yes Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Yes Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Yes Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Yes Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Yes 20 Email Accounts

  • Order this package for only
    EUR / mo*

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*Enjoy instant activation of your hosting services, maintain complete anonymity during registration with just your email and password—no personal data required. Experience heightened confidentiality through anonymous cryptocurrency payments, reassuring you of our unwavering commitment to your security.

🔍 Compare DMCA Ignored Web hosting Plans

Uncertain about where to begin? Our range of budget-friendly offshore web hosting packages is designed to cater to your distinct requirements and preferences, all while keeping your finances in check.

Offshore Hosting Compare
Features Basic Plan Ultra Plan
SSD Disk Space 5GB 100GB
Monthly Bandwidth 500 GB 5 TB
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes
Dedicated IP Optional Optional
Websites Hosted 1 50
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
DDoS Protection 100Gbps+ 100Gbps+
Email Accounts 5 100
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Addon Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Instant Setup Yes Yes
Spam Filtering Yes Yes
1-Click Easy Installer Yes Yes
Free SSL Certificates Yes Yes
FTP Yes Yes
File Manager Yes Yes
Backup Feature Yes Yes
Selectable PHP Version Yes Yes
Perl 5< Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
CGI Yes Yes
CMS Yes Yes
NodeJS Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
SSL Encryption Yes Yes
Spam Assassin Protector Yes Yes
E-mail setup wizard Yes Yes
Secure offshore location Yes Yes
Content freedom flexibility Yes Yes
DMCA ignored Yes Yes
Anonymous sign-up Yes Yes
Anonymous payments Yes Yes
Price /mo /mo

Over 380 CMS and applications can be effortlessly installed with just 1-Click.

















Secure offshore services

HOSTCAY operates as an offshore hosting provider, strategically located in countries that prioritize freedom of expression. Our data centers span multiple offshore locations. Tailored to align with your distinctive project requirements, our customized services for freedom of speech, free press, and whistleblower support are designed to empower your online ventures, whether you seek DMCA Ignored Hosting or Adult Hosting (as long as it's not malicious), we are adaptable to your needs. Our paramount objective is to establish a secure sanctuary for freedom of speech, independent journalism, and whistleblower endeavors.

At HOSTCAY, we are committed to upholding our principles of safeguarding your privacy. We guarantee that our services will always be provided without the need for any personal information, and we vow never to grant third parties access to your data.

Concerned about the rigid freedom of expression regulations in your country, compelling you to mirror your blog? Worried about potential repercussions for publishing controversial content? With HOSTCAY, you can be confident that we provide autonomy,, unyielding, and adaptable solutions specifically designed to help you amplify your ideas without interference or compromise.

Offshore Hosting Info

Why Opt for Offshore DMCA Ignored Web Hosting?

Website hosting plays a pivotal role in maintaining an online presence, necessitating a reliable hosting provider. Acknowledging the valid concerns individuals may have about sharing personal information with a host, we proudly offer the option of DMCA Ignored web hosting.

Valuing your privacy and recognizing its paramount importance, we want to assure you that your privacy is our top priority. We are dedicated to responsibly managing and safeguarding your data. In line with this commitment, we introduce specialized web hosting plans that can be paid for using Bitcoin or other Altcoins. Our offshore DMCA Ignored web hosting plans provide an ideal solution for discreetly hosting your website. Our platform empowers you to safeguard your identity and uphold anonymity by covering your web hosting expenses through anonymous transactions. In the contemporary landscape, Cryptocurrencies has gained significant recognition for its decentralized nature, detached from traditional banking systems and central authorities. Crypto payments transcend jurisdictional boundaries, eradicating any links to your identity and ensuring complete anonymity.

Rest assured that your website and all your data are secure in our care. We not only employ stringent measures to protect your privacy and enhance your website's security, but we also oversee top-tier infrastructure and domain registration services. Taking your protection and privacy to the next level, we operate a state-of-the-art datacenter in highly secure offshore locations. Our unwavering belief in the principles of freedom of expression and unrestricted internet usage drives our endeavors. Through our offshore hosting services, we provide anonymous hosting solutions that empower individuals with the hosting they require.

Offshore Hosting Support
Service Issues

24/7 Live Support

Offshore Hosting Network
99.99% Network

Uptime Guarantee!

Offshore Hosting Backup
Daily backups

with 1-Click restore

Offshore Hosting Refund
72 Hour Money

Back Guarantee

Our Datacenter locations

Dependable and Robust Offshore Data Center in secure and discreet global locations, adaptable to diverse content and stringent data privacy requirements.
Offshore Hosting Worldmap

Offshore Hosting BG Bulgaria

Located in Bulgaria, our Data Center offers a seamless integration of offshore hosting solutions, supported by the leniency of local laws pertaining to content.

This environment is dedicated to upholding the core principles of freedom of speech with exceptional dedication and commitment.

Test IPv4:

Offshore Hosting Seychelles Seychelles

Located in Seychelles, our Data Center offers a secure haven for your content, abiding by local content hosting regulations.

Our commitment to freedom of speech is unwavering, and we prioritize stringent data privacy and security compliance.

Test IPv4:

Offshore Hosting RU Russia

Located in Russia, our Data Center offers lenient local content regulations and offshore hosting advantages, supporting freedom of speech.

We handle data privacy intricacies diligently to ensure compliance and security.

Test IPv4:

Offshore Hosting NL Netherlands

Located in the Netherlands, our Data Center offers an ideal fusion of offshore hosting solutions that seamlessly uphold the values of freedom of speech.

Spanning connectivity between the Netherlands and Latin America, it delivers a swift and unparalleled hosting solution.

Test IPv4:

Offshore Hosting Worldmap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you're in search of hosting services that prioritize DMCA-free environments, our offshore DMCA-free web hosting offers a solution. Allow us to address your questions and provide insights into our DMCA-free hosting services tailored to your needs.

Offshore DMCA-free web hosting refers to hosting services that operate in jurisdictions where DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) regulations are not enforced. This allows you to host content without the risk of DMCA takedowns or related legal actions.
Offshore DMCA-free hosting works by providing a hosting environment in a jurisdiction where DMCA regulations are not enforced. This ensures that your content remains online without being subjected to DMCA takedowns or related legal actions.
Offshore DMCA-free hosting offers several benefits:
  • Protection from DMCA takedowns
  • Enhanced privacy and data protection
  • Freedom to host a wider range of content
  • Reduced legal risks
  • Access to a more lenient regulatory environment
Yes, offshore DMCA-free hosting is suitable for e-commerce websites that prioritize content freedom and reduced legal risks. It provides a secure environment for hosting your online store.
To get started, select your preferred offshore DMCA-free hosting plan, provide accurate details, and complete the payment process. Your hosting services will be activated promptly.
Yes, our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues or inquiries related to your offshore DMCA-free hosting.
Offshore DMCA-free hosting prioritizes robust security measures to ensure the safety of your website and data. These measures include encryption, DDoS protection, and more.
Yes, you can transfer your existing website to offshore DMCA-free hosting. Our migration experts can assist you with a seamless transition.
After completing the payment, your offshore DMCA-free hosting services will typically be ready for use within 1-48 hours, thanks to our swift activation process.