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⚡Anonymous Private Offshore domains, with HOSTCAY.

HOSTCAY provides complete anonymous bulletproof privacy registration for domain names, creating a secure private domain names space for freedom of speech, free press, and whistleblower initiatives. Explore our exceptional offshore domain solutions—secure, steady, and private. Enjoy remarkable domains that prioritize your content and data, safeguarding your personal information online. No personal details needed. Fully anonymous. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accepted. Easily register your domain without requiring your personal data.


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HOSTCAY uses privacy registration services to provide anonymous and offshore domains:

You also have the option to transfer or register your domain that is currently registered by other providers that don't protect your privacy to our platform. Upon completion of the transfer, we will promptly enable domain usage under privacy protection for you.

Additionally, we offer domain registration services for numerous extensions outside of ICANN's standard ones, such as .ws, .ac, .io, .vc, .tm, .cm, .sc. etc.

Offshore Compare
Feature Description Included
Jurisdiction: Non-EU, Non-US We are hosted in a jurisdiction outside EU and US. Yes
Domain Variety Choose from 500+ ICANN & ccTLDs. Yes
Flexible Content Enjoy flexibility in hosting content. Yes
Content Protection Safeguard against false reports of content removal. Yes
DMCA Takedown Protection Shield against false DMCA takedowns and only follow local registry laws. Yes
Adult & Gambling Friendly Allows adult and gambling content. Yes
Anonymous Registration Register domains without revealing identity. Yes
WHOIS Privacy Protection Protect personal information in WHOIS. Yes
Easy Registration No documents needed for identification. Yes
Cryptocurrency Payment Accepts cryptocurrencies for payment. Yes
DNS Management Manage DNS settings easily. Yes
Special Characters / IDNs Characters like "&" and "#" are explicitly prohibited, and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are not supported in any form. Yes
Domain Forwarding Forward domains to desired URLs. Yes
Domain Parking Park domains for future use. Yes
Subdomain Forwarding Redirect subdomains to specific locations. Yes
Simple Domain Transfer Effortlessly transfer domains. Yes
24/7 Domain Support Get round-the-clock assistance Yes
Register Domain Take the first step - register your domain. Yes

Offshore Hosting Info

Secure offshore provider

HOSTCAY was established in Seychelles, strategically positioned beyond the scrutiny of a coalition of seven nations. Our network of data centers spans diverse offshore locales, seamlessly catering to your hosting needs. Whether you're seeking to register "bulletproof privacy" domain names or create a secure website for the expression of free speech, unfettered journalism, and initiatives by whistleblowers, our exceptional offshore domain solutions await your exploration. These domains are designed to prioritize the security of your content and data, providing a barrier against unwanted requests such as content takedowns due to your freedom of speech, whether they pertain to legal adult content or gambling – we have the expertise to manage both. We exhibit flexibility to accommodate your unique requirements. Our core mission revolves around furnishing a secure sanctuary that champions freedom of speech, independent journalism, and whistleblower endeavors.

At HOSTCAY, we steadfastly uphold our commitment to safeguarding your privacy. We pledge that our services will forever be rendered without necessitating any personal information, and we solemnly pledge to deny third-party access to your data.

Concerned about potential mandates from your local government to replicate your blog, or anxious about repercussions for disseminating contentious content? HOSTCAY offers you a haven of assurance. Our solutions are self-governing, unwavering, and adaptable, meticulously fashioned to empower you to amplify your ideas without hindrance or concession by registering a domain outside of your local laws.

Why choose Offshore Anonymous & Private domains?

HOSTCAY's offshore registration services offer enhanced privacy and security by safeguarding your personal data within jurisdictions fortified by robust privacy laws. Enjoy legal flexibility to freely express sensitive ideas, benefit from lenient legal frameworks, and protect against censorship and government freedom of speech restrictions. Navigate legal challenges with unwavering strength, as our domains function within offshore jurisdiction regulations, forming a protective barrier safeguarding your personal data.

Expand your business globally without boundaries, find refuge from political instability, and select from diverse global offshore data centers for optimal accessibility. Confidentiality is assured for whistleblowers and journalists, ensuring a secure platform for sharing sensitive information, while geographical restrictions are mitigated, connecting you with a worldwide audience unhindered by local limitations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you're considering registering an offshore anonymous domain name, we're here to address your inquiries and provide insights into the process of obtaining and managing these private domain names.

Offshore anonymous domain names are private domain registrations that provide enhanced privacy and confidentiality. These domains are registered without revealing personal information in the public WHOIS database. Your domain name will be registered using our company information and allowing you full control over it.
Offshore anonymous domain names work by replacing your personal contact information in the public WHOIS database with the details of our company information. This ensures that your personal information remains confidential and you can manage it.
Offshore anonymous domain names offer several advantages:
  • Enhanced privacy and confidentiality
  • Content flexibility
  • Protection against spam and unsolicited communications
  • Reduced risk of identity theft
  • Freedom to express without revealing personal details
  • Secure online presence without unwanted pressure
To register an offshore anonymous domain name, select your desired domain and choose a suitable cryptocurrency as payment option during the registration process. The domain name will be registered using our company information. This will shield your personal information from public view.
Yes, you can transfer an existing domain to and from HOSTCAY's offshore anonymous registration by updating the transfer lock to unlocked and use the transfer auth code provided by your registrar.
Offshore anonymous domain registration durations typically follow standard registration periods, such as 1 year, 2 years, etc., depending on the registrar's policies.

Domain Withdrawal or Locking: The withdrawal or locking of a domain registered with HOSTCAY can only transpire upon presentation of a valid court order, duly recognized and accepted by the appropriate legal authorities.

Domain Suspension: Domain suspension may be enacted under specific circumstances, including but not limited to instances of inaccurate holder information, non-payment, non-functional name servers, child pornography or the unethcial use of minors in any way and court judgments directly linked to the domain in question.

Content-Related Suspension: It is important to note, however, that we do not suspend domains based on their freedom of speech content when the content is not hosted on our servers. Suspension is only considered in situations where the content is hosted on our servers and contravenes our Acceptable Use Policy. Even in such scenarios, solely the hosting service acquired through HOSTCAY would be impacted by the suspension, leaving the domain name unaffected.

Impact of Suspension: In cases where content hosted on our servers violates our Acceptable Use Policy and results in suspension, only the hosting service associated with HOSTCAY will be affected. The domain name remains unaffected by such suspension.

Reporting Illicit Content: Users who come across instances of illicit content are strongly encouraged to report these occurrences to the relevant hosting provider responsible for said content. Illicit content is typically hosted on servers provided by alternate hosting providers, which possess the necessary authority to address and undertake appropriate actions.

Special Characters & IDNs: It's important to note that special characters are not allowed when registering domain names. To comply with standard requirements for all domain extensions, please adhere to the following guidelines: Your domain name should be between 3 to 63 characters in length, consisting only of letters (a-z characters), numbers (0-9), and hyphens (except as the first or last characters). Characters like "&" and "#" are explicitly prohibited, and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are not supported in any form. Our API system is designed to automatically remove IDNs and special characters upon domain activation to align with global domain system standards, potentially resulting in domains with missing characters or IDNs. Please be aware that refunds will not be issued for domains registered with missing characters due to the use of special characters. Our profit margins on domain registrations are minimal, with the majority of fees directed towards the registry for domain registration. Using special characters in domain names is considered spam and fraudulent, posing risks of deceiving visitors into accessing phishing domains. We strongly advise refraining from using special characters for this reason.
Offshore anonymous domain registration ensures privacy by substituting your personal contact details with those of a privacy or proxy service, keeping your information confidential in the public WHOIS database.